Advertise your business in Cochrane Alberta with our door hanger ads

Looking for new, local customers for your business?

Are you tired of ineffective, low quality newspaper advertising that gets lost among your competitors’ ads & news stories?

Are you too busy or overwhelmed, to deal with online advertising and promoting with Search Engine & Social Media Marketing?

Choose the advertising solution that helps your business:

  • Increase brand visibility & local traffic/sales.
  • Reach 10,500 homes in and around Cochrane.
  • Deliver your brand in a highly effective ad format.
  • Create a high quality, full colour, professional targeted ad on semi-gloss card stock
  • Advertise using an Environmentally-Friendly format.
  • Provide local delivery employment opportunities.
  • Support the local business community through shared advertising.

Exclusive. Environmentally-Friendly. Professional Design.

A uniquely designed hanger – just for you!

  • Your ad is exclusive. This means you will not have to compete with other businesses for the same services. This gives you a strong competitive edge over other businesses in Cochrane & Calgary.
  • Made with semi-gloss card stock, your ad appears in crisp, full colour -brighter and more colorful than newspaper ads or flyers.
  • The hanger’s top hook is designed to stay anchored on the door to prevent slippage.
  • You can provide your ad in pre-press format or we can design the ad for you. Our talented, experienced designer will work with you to make your ad as professional and impactful as possible.
  • Our hangers are made to be recycled and we print them on card stock that is partially made from recycled material. This advertising format uses less material than other print media such as newspapers and magazines while providing higher visibility and engagement.

Why Choose Our Hanger Advertising?

Highly Visible, Effective Advertising

Your ad is in the spotlight! Higher visibility and higher quality than newspaper design; hangers are more targeted than flyers that get lost in the mail, or buried inside a newspaper.

Trackable Results, Perfect for Targeted Offers

Your ad and offer can be removed from the hanger, making it easy for your customers to redeem your offer or hang on to your ad for a future date.

Better than DIY Hangers

Higher quality layout and production than DIY mail order hangers – we optimize each ad to your brand and offer.
Our hangers are unique and attention-getting. The format is effective and connects you directly with your local target market. Our door hangers go out once a month, delivered by our own delivery team.
Our high quality design promotes your brand for the long term, consistently keeping your business top of mind year-round.

Design, Printing & Delivery Included

Our hanger service includes Design, Printing and Delivery costs. We take care of the details so you can remain focused on your business!

Affordable Advertising in a Variety of Ad Formats

Our ads are designed to be an efficient and affordable advertising platform at only 3 cents to 10 cents per home.

Leverage the Strength of Community!

As our hanger includes multiple advertisers, we are able to deliver a more cost-effective and far reaching solution than any single business could hope to manage on their own.

A GREEN Advertising Alternative

Not only are our hangers easily recyclable, they are printed on recycled paper and we encourage homeowners to recycle the hangers as part of Cochrane’s ongoing commitment to residential and business recycling efforts.

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