The Cost of DIY Door Hangers

Door hangers are a great way to reach your local community. It allows a tangible, non-invasive way to communicate directly with your customers. They can also provide a definite way to track your ROI by having a returnable coupon or offer on them.

However, to get your door hangers to enough homes to make it worth your efforts, time and money can be a challenge. It can take a lot of your time as a business owner to get the hanger designed, printed and then somehow organizing family, friends or staff to deliver the hangers to as many homes as possible. So, while the door hanger format is effective in and of its self, it is not necessarily easy to implement on your own.

Here is a breakdown of the real cost of doing your own door hangers to reach the Cochrane area:

Door Hanger Design:
Hiring a professional designer who can create a well-thought-out design for your company’s brand and offer. This includes layout design, changes, printer management.

Total Time: 5hr x $65/hr = $325.00

Door Hanger Production:

You decide to use a cheap online printer, in this case VistaPrint, you order the large door hanger, one-sided design, to be cost efficient.

500 door hangers = $85, so 10,500 door hangers = $1,785.00

Door Hanger Delivery:
To 15,000 homes in Cochrane & Area, paying delivery people 15 cents per door hanger delivered. You need a team of approximately 20 delivery people to realistically complete this task in a week.

10,500 door hangers delivered to the door = $1,575.00

(If you gave up on the door delivery method and mailed them out by Canada Post: $1,800.00 at 12 cents per mailout).

Total Cost for delivering ONE door hanger run to 10,500 homes: $3,685.00

This cost converts to 35 cents per home.

Does not include your time and resources needed to managing the design, production and delivery of the door hangers.

Cochrane Business Door Hanger prices start at just 3 cents per home, that is nearly 1/10th of the cost of DIY hangers to reach the same number of homes.

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