Door Hanger Advertising FAQs

Q: How many homes will my ad be delivered to?
A: We currently reach 10,500 homes in Cochrane with plans to expand to 15,000 homes in surrounding areas as the hanger grows.

Q: How can I pay?
A: Monthly payments are accepted. We accept payments by post-dated cheques or interac email transfer.

Q: How often can I change my ad copy?
A: We currently offer ad changes each month.

Q: How long are your contracts?
A: Print advertising is most effectively done consistently throughout the year for your business to remain “top of mind”, so we deliver year-round.
We’re a dedicated team looking for dedicated advertisers. We offer 4 month to 12 month contracts, with a 10% discount for 12 month contracts. We may have a limited-time offer for a 2 month contract, so please contact us to see if this is available!

Q: As a business owner, how can I be sure my ads are being delivered?
A: As local business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of improving ROI from advertising dollars. As such, we have made it mandatory for all of our delivery people to track their deliveries using a mobile app, which allows us to see each delivery person complete their route.

Every delivery person signs a contract that acknowledges their responsibilities and accountability in delivering their ad. For those delivery people under age 18, their parent or guardian will assume this commitment.

Every hanger has our direct contact information and we invite home owners to let us know they received their hanger by texting us. Home owners can also opt-out from receiving the hangers upon request.