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We want to do something different…and better…for you and your business.

Introducing a unique, fully managed featured listing service that is exclusive to your niche (so no competitors), custom designed and fully optimised for search engines and humans. We not only build your listing, we provide opportunities for additional promotion on social media and targeted email. It’s one-of-a-kind, just like you.

Fully Branded Landing Page

You will get a uniquely branded landing page, custom built around your brand and optimised for search engines.

We will build you a page with such features as:

Visual Branding 

Your page, your brand – unlike other directory listings, we build your page around your brand, not ours:

  • Your logo showcased and prioritized on the page
  • Your tagline or slogan (optional)
  • Uniquely tailored to your visual brand, including official colours & supporting elements
  • An image gallery, embedded video to showcase your team and brand experience  

Professionally Developed

Custom, professional design by Cochrane web team

  • Hand crafted and built for the best first impression.
  • Mobile-First design so your page looks good on desktop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Optimized for search engines and your local target audience.
  • Interactive elements such as a gallery, icons, embedded video, Google Maps, FAQs.
  • A contact email form for direct lead generation.

Monthly Maintenance

  • We take care of your page as our own, making sure the software is updated regularly.
  • Your page is built and managed in a secure hosting environment.
  • We include 15 minutes of editing for your listing each month so you can make minor updates or add an exclusive offer or special.
  • On-Page SEO to help your business page (and your website) rank higher in
  • Admin support by phone or email.
    (Onsite support available at our regular consultation rate of $125/hr.)

Marketing & Promotion

  • Linked icons to your company’s social media profiles.
  • Social sharing buttons, so visitors can share your page to friends and colleagues.
  • Off-Page SEO optimisation (helping to increase visibility and popularity of your page.
  • Admin support is available by phone or email.
    (Onsite support available at our regular consultation rate of $125/hr.)
  • A monthly Social Media mention via our social media platform.
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An Exclusive Listing for Your Niche

With your Exclusive Listing on, you will be the ONLY business in your targeted niche promoted on our website. We only allow one business per specific niche. This can be based on one or more of your service keywords!

E.g. or

Think about being the only car dealer, realtor, law firm, chiropractor, family dentist, auto repair shop, dry cleaner, landscaping company, gym, carpet cleaner, grocery store, HVAC company, roofing company, yoga studio, coffee shop, hair salon, shoe store, clothing store, bank, weight loss clinic, equestrian centre, book keeper, courier, spa, asian restaurant, liquor store, nail salon, fast food restaurant, etc. on the website and promoted through our channels, including social media and email newsletters.

This kind of service is not available on Yelp, Yellow Pages, Kijiji or even Google Search or Google Maps!

Don’t worry, we will research the best keyword for you using our leading edge SEO software so your listing gets the best exposure possible.

Completely Managed

Everything is set up for you! We will gather some initial information from you and then we take care of the rest.

As your team of web and graphic design experts, we do the heavy digital lifting – making sure your page best shows off your company’s brand, includes optimised content and correct details about your products and services. 

If you need any minor changes made, simply email us and we’ll get your listing updated. We allow for 15 minutes of updates per month included in our standard monthly package.


Shared Authority

Google (and your customers) prefer sites with authority. A featured listing on receives the authority of an established, well-aged local domain that is over 10 years old.

So, when we link to your website from your optimized listing, you get “link juice” from an authority site shared to your website.

So, not only do you gain visitors, your website rankings will benefit from this third-party link.

Third Party Promotion

We work with small businesses, we know it is a touch, complex world on the Web and keeping up with Social Media is a challenge in itself. What’s better than promoting your company on Social Media? Having another authority promote your company can go further than when you do self-promotion. We will occasionally promote your business  on Facebook and Linkedin, so your brand gets exposure without you having to do it yourself.

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